Did you know that you can get subsidised?

Profit now from a subsidy!

For fresh businesses in the field of sustainability there is — up to 6400 Euro!

Looks like a bunch of effort and time consuming paper work?
It is — but we will do it for you.

Find the official terms of the German government here

sustentio specialised on sustainability topics out of conviction

We work for international companies and for NGOs. Thanks to the German government we can now offer our services to smaller players with less budget.

We are a registered partner of the programme. Why? We think smaller companies should also profit from professional advice. Together we will answer questions like: How can we benefit from a professional Social Media appearance? Who can we convince with an exciting advertising video? Do we want to address customers or companies and how do we do this? Did you think about a webshop? We can do it all!

What we can do for you

Storytelling is on everyone's lips these days. Through your stories we want to reach not only the head but also the heart. Nothing is more accessible than moving images. We are your storytellers.
Social Media
Tweet like Trump? Better not. But social media can make a big difference, also for small companies. We know how to create attractive content and develop the right design for the target group.
A website is your always-open business, store, or organisation. We find the right balance between usability, accessibility, and aesthetic, inclusive design.
The first impression counts. Especially with communication measures. We translate your message into attractive design. From catchy to conservative. Always suitable for the target group.
Have you ever watched an exciting, animated explanatory video on YouTube or Facebook? We have the experience to build your own information-packed animation.

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