Sustainability Reporting & Communication

The Service

This is where we get into rocket science territory. With our partner Sirsa we created a pan-European and unique solution for everything to do with sustainability data. Sirsa developed the reporting software Reporting21, that puts you in full control over your data.

It collects, analyses and evaluates any organisation’s financial and non-financial data on a single platform. Collect indicators to show their economic, environmental and social performance to successfully meet today’s information needs of your stakeholders. Our CSR solution goes further than just reporting.

The Software

Reporting21 is a reporting software that gives you complete control over your data and your CSR process. The software facilitates the collection of CSR and balance data and enables their easy analysis and evaluation. The data input can be done by any type of terminal (PC, Mac, tablet, mobile). Not only is Reporting21 simple and intuitive to use, it can be flexibly and inexpensively extended to any KPI. Even complex inquiries can be processed very quickly. In addition, the software has already undergone all relevant security and auditing processes through its involvement with global corporations.

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