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We are creating sustainability experiences

We are copywriters, designers, coders, social media managers, strategists, consultants and filmmakers. But most of all, we are individuals from different backgrounds, with a multitude of experiences. We believe that diversity increases the quality and depth of our work. Because of that, sustentio explicitly strives to be an open and inclusive workplace.

Sebastian Olényi

Founder & CEO

I think that in order to win people’s hearts, we have to translate the complexity of sustainability into comprehensible messages. I have been working as consultant and communication advisor for large corporations, but also associations, SMEs and NGOs for more than 12 years, creating and implementing communication strategies. I am a trained biologist with a Master degree in environmental sciences and an engineering degree in biotechnology and am working on a PhD in science communication but have also always been a journalist and activist. For our projects, I have worked in Indonesia, India, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Australia and of course many European countries like France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, … I speak German, English, French and Dutch fluently and a bit of Spanish and Portuguese.

Marius Hasenheit


I am a consultant for sustainability communication and corporate strategy as well as a  publicist. When it comes to communication, I work mainly in the areas of political campaigns, science communication and social media campaigns – for NGOs, associations and companies. I am also a member of sustainable natives eG and co-editor of the nationwide transform magazine. I write articles for Indie Magazine, as well as for Deutschlandfunk, Süddeutsche Zeitung or Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. With my Twitter account, I am represented in the Twitter ranking “Sustainable 100”.

Before joining sustentio, I worked at the think tank Ecologic Institute and at the public affairs agency seebohm.Berlin as a researcher. At Ecologic, I worked on projects for the Federal Environment Agency, ministries and the EU Commission in the areas of circular economy, bioeconomy and digitalisation.

Peter Gericke

Consultant, Communication and Design

I bring complex content to social media and create an aesthetic garment for text blocks – as a layouter and graphic designer. After my studies in biology (B.Sc.) and neuroscience (M.Sc.), it was clear to me that I wanted to continue working with challenging content and make it more accessible for a larger community. Already during my studies I designed campaigns, logos and communication products for NGOs, companies and associations. Later, I took over the production of visual products for political communication projects at seebohm.Berlin. Currently, I also take care of such strategic communication at sustentio. I also implement broad public campaigns, such as 17 Goals by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. As art director of transform magazine, I also layout a print magazine that is published nationwide in German railway station bookshops.

Naima Braun

Project management

I plan and structure projects that aim to have a positive impact. As a project manager, I support large and small organizations, including companies, NGOs or public institutions. I pay great attention to stringent yet adaptable project planning, which allows monitoring of milestones and achievements as well as reacting to unforeseen events.

My 8 years of work experience as coordinator of an NGO, editorial director and project manager help me in this. Prior to my work in development education, I studied African culture and society as well as law in Africa. The cornerstone of this educational path was, among other things, a voluntary social year in South Africa as well as involvement in numerous development policy organizations.

Consequently, I particularly enjoy working in the field of human rights, environmental education and social sustainability.


Max Flämig

Strategy & Analysis

I am a consultant and prefer to deal with data analysis and sustainability strategies. With a wide range of experience, one can quickly get to the core of the problem and work on the important issues. I am happy to undertake the preparation of climate assessments or holistic analyses. As an expert reviewer for research and development – and innovation – I also bring a fresh perspective to your project.

Sarah Böhm

Consultant, Communication and Strategy

We are in urgent need of a sustainable transformation of our economy and society in order to stop overstepping planetary boundaries and to create a livable today and tomorrow. I support companies and NGOs to position themselves sustainably and to meet challenges in a methodologically sound way. My interdisciplinary background in Asian/African Studies and Business Administration (B.A.) as well as Integrated Natural Resource Management (M.Sc.) helps me to do this. In addition, I bring experience in the field of communication and fundraising as well as in researching various aspects of sustainability, such as environmental economics and psychology. As I am particularly passionate about establishing a circular economy, I am also involved in Circular Berlin to raise awareness for circular thinking.

Carolin von Lampe

Project Management

Elisabeth is a junior consultant and project manager with a focus on sustainability projects and our contact person for sustainability strategy, greenhouse gas accounting and sustainability management.
Elisabeth’s desire for meaningful work led her to various climate protection organisations such as IKEM, IÖW & co2online. Here she gained experience in various sustainability projects on sustainable AI, climate adaptation, sustainable consumption and renewable energy for tenants.

Andrina Samrey


Working in a team and for a team is very close to my heart. For this reason, I am very happy to have found my way to sustentio and to have been so warmly welcomed by this team. I have always had a great love for paper. Be it as an artist in my small home studio or as an employee in any form of office organization. This mixture allows me to cover a wide range of interests. After my apprenticeship as an office administrator and my studies in media management (B.A.), I worked most of my professional life as an assistant to the management, as well as in office management and project management. Now I support sustentio in exactly these areas. On the side, I am involved in a non-profit association dedicated to social projects and sing in a choir.

Larissa Lachmann

Communication and Design

I work as an intern at sustentio and support the graphic and content development of various media formats. My experience from studying geography in Berlin and a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science in Lund, Sweden, flows into this. During my studies, I was already enthusiastic about knowledge communication and helped to design various teaching formats as a student assistant in ecohydrology at the HU and at the Baltic University Programme in Uppsala. Here at sustentio I can combine my enthusiasm for sustainability issues and design.

Nils Reinecke

Video Editing

I am a cameraman and editor and at sustentio I am responsible for the diverse tasks of post-production in addition to the realisation of filming. I see my craft as a powerful tool to bring sustainability and science issues to society in an informative yet entertaining way. The great variety and relevance of the content covered is what makes working at sustentio so exciting.
Before joining sustentio, I worked independently for various projects in German development cooperation as well as for NGOs and companies with a sustainability focus.

Carolin Ellerkamp

Student worker, Consulting and Communication

At the beginning of 2022, I became part of the sustentio team as an intern and now continue to support the communication department as a working student. After my studies in Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies (B.Sc.) at Leuphana University Lüneburg and a year in the field, I am now deepening my knowledge & skills in a Masters in Environmental Sciences (M.Sc.) at Wageningen University & Research. Besides my work at sustentio, I am leading an environmental education project together with my partner organization 5waraj as part of the CEE-Change Fellowship of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEEE).
I am particularly interested in the science communication intersection – how we can communicate complex findings from the environmental & sustainability sciences in an understandable and effective way that reaches everyone. Because then, building on a shared understanding, we can change the world for the better.