sustentio Rooftop Fernsehturm & Rainbow

We are creating sustainability experiences

We are copywriters, designers, coders, social media managers, strategists, consultants and filmmakers. But most of all, we are individuals from different backgrounds, with a multitude of experiences. We believe that diversity increases the quality and depth of our work. Because of that, sustentio explicitly strives to be an open and inclusive workplace.


Founder & CEO

I think that in order to win people’s hearts, we have to translate the complexity of sustainability into comprehensible messages. I have been working as consultant and communication advisor for large corporations, but also associations, SMEs and NGOs for more than 12 years, creating and implementing communication strategies. I am a trained biologist with a Master degree in environmental sciences and an engineering degree in biotechnology and am working on a PhD in science communication but have also always been a journalist and activist. For our projects, I have worked in Indonesia, India, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Australia and of course many European countries like France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, … I speak German, English, French and Dutch fluently and a bit of Spanish and Portuguese.


Office & Accounts

Die Frau hinter den Kulissen:

DFK used to do the book-keeping for the German band Kraftwerk, now she keeps the sustentio team in line. “Actually,” she says whilst blowing clouds of smoke from her pipe “sustentio is probably better than showbiz”. Now our clients profit from her mad skills as much as we do.


Video Producer

I am a trained media designer. Outside of my work for sustentio I sometimes shoot music videos for Berlin gangsta rappers and other musicians. Most of the time, I do the shoots as well as all the editing, colour correction and sound editing. I am a video bad-ass. With these skills I create motion picture content for sustentio’s clients using Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop.



My work is to find correlations between ideas and design. I then define a core concept that transforms these ideas into meaningful and estethic forms.

Design is my access point to information relevant to distinct disciplines. It broadens my capacity of keeping a critic eye on my surroundings and gives me sensibility to beauty, detail, and meaning. Strong emphasis on research and a free, open communication are key factors for my work values.


Multimedia Artist

I am a multimedia artist and I take great interest in social and ecological issues. I have two degrees, one in communications and one in new-media arts. At sustentio I do everything related to animations. In this way I can do something I love for a cause I can support. But honestly: I also wouldn’t mind making a ton of money with the arts.


Code & Design

I make design & code (& other things). Things I care about: Inclusivity, Accessibility, Usability, Performance, Aesthetics.

My aim is to simplify and demystify the whole process of building, designing, using, and maintaining a website for people, organisations, and companies who want to be responsible for and have full, uncomplicated control over their website.